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Outsourcing IT: Three reasons why it makes sense

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Updated: Friday, 11 October 2019

Running a business? We know how time poor you can be, especially when you consider all the different hats you need to wear. When your business grows or when you get to the point of needed to expand your IT services to take on what your business is doing, it makes sense to consider outsourcing. This is because you get to work with a professional service provider whose sole duty it is to ensure your business is running at optimum capacity at all times, and if something goes wrong, they are there to fix it for you.


In case you are on the fence or sceptical about the benefit of outsourcing your IT, we wanted to go through some of the key reasons why it makes sense.


At Connected Platforms, we’re in the business of providing managed IT services, IT disaster recovery, and remote IT support to our customers. Our customers come to us for the peace of mind and security they get knowing we are managing their IT service. Call us today for managed IT services on 1300 866 096.


Outsourcing IT can actually save your business money

Considering bringing someone in-house to manage your IT? When you work with an employee to manage your IT, they are getting a salary, plus super, plus all the benefits of being an employee. But when you work with a managed IT service provider, you are only paying them for their time when you need them – even if they are on a retainer, this still works out to be less financially burdensome than a full-time team member.


The cost of taking on a managed IT service provider might seem large, but then consider the fact that you also have someone on hand to manage problems as and when they arise.


Compare managed IT to the break/fix model where you hire someone to fix a computer or system after it breaks. Again, this is not very cost effective because you are hiring someone who may not have a deep understanding of your business and systems – not to mention the fact that you do not know when something is going to break. It might be three times in one month, or once in a year. Outsourcing IT can actually save your business money.


You get access to a range of services

When you operate using a break/fix model (which is common in many businesses), you do not have access to regular updates of your software and systems. You do not have on hand advice on internet problems or information to do with upgrading software.


But when you work with a managed IT service provider, you have access to an IT professional who can help upgrade your systems and ensure that your business is safe and protected against threats and malware. This is part of your managed IT service and is a far superior option to having to keep your systems updated yourself.


You might also want to incorporate disaster recovery into your suite of managed IT services; at Connected Platforms, we offer this service in addition to managed IT services.


Your productivity goes up

When you have an IT system that works as and when you need it to, it means that your team are working more productively. They are not struggling with slow internet or a system that keeps crashing. They are supported by a managed IT service provider who can provide help when it’s required.


If you have team members who work remotely and who need cloud serviced systems, a managed IT provider can help here as well by ensuring that access and support are there when it is needed. Bottom line is, a managed IT service provider on side means that your team can work uninterrupted.


Contact Connected Platforms today

We are here to give you the support you need at a price that doesn’t break the bank. We can offer scalable managed IT services to your business no matter where you are across South East Queensland and beyond. Contact us today for advice and help with getting started in managed IT services or let us show you why we are the right choice for your business.


Call us on 1300 866 096 or contact us online to learn which of our other IT solutions can help you and your business. We would love to work with you. 


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