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I.T. Support Services Brisbane

Does your business depend on having reliable IT systems in place? To make sure all your hardware and software is working as it should be and implemented in the most productive and cost-effective way possible, you need IT professionals by your side to provide invaluable advice and support.

At Connected Platforms, we are experts in all areas of IT, and we can tailor the ideal IT solutions to suit your unique business needs.

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Managed IT Services

Why hire a full time IT specialist when you can access a whole team of IT professionals for a fraction of the cost? With managed IT services, all your IT needs are taken care of by our team at Connected Platforms.  We keep your entire IT infrastructure managed, optimised and simplified for one flat monthly cost.

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Disaster Recovery

We will work with you to develop a custom IT disaster recovery plan to ensure that your data is not lost or compromised in the event of failure. Whether it’s a blackout, fire, flood or burnt toast, you can access and work with your data again within minutes of being moved out of the office.

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Computer Support Services

Our computer support services go far beyond fixing an IT problem. Allow us to optimise your business with smart IT projects that remove restrictions to explosive growth. We can implement the latest technology that’s suited to your unique business needs, ensuring your business is future proofed and competitive.

Business Solutions

We deliver comprehensive IT solutions that focus on improving your business continuity while also decreasing your costs. We show you how to take advantage of technology to increase productivity, automate your workflows, and reduce downtime.

We can fix any problems before they happen and will maintain your entire network to ensure it’s running optimally. Best of all you can stay on top of your IT budget with predictable monthly payments.

IT Solutions

If you require any specific IT services, we can help you here too. Whether it be the cloud, virtualisation, IT procurement or hosted email, we’ve got the know how to set up the IT solution you need.

We can source the ideal solution for you and implement it, so it operates perfectly for your business.

Our Approach

At Connected Platforms, we work tirelessly to ensure you have the right level of IT support to keep your business running perfectly. With your unique business needs in mind, we ensure that you’re getting an IT solution that’s tailored to suit you with the most efficient and cost-effective outcome possible.

Why Choose Connected Platforms for Managed IT Services?

Trust us like your staff

Your Partner in Success

We’re here to make sure you love to login to your computer in the morning. Something not quite right, or could be better? Give us a call and we can help.

Predictable IT costs

Flat-Rate Fee

Know exactly how much you’re IT costs will be month to month with a flat-rate fee covering all your IT needs. Don’t be surprised with extra charges or fees ever again, even if your network goes down or your server fails.

Not just for the kids

All-Inclusive Tech

Technology is only complicated if implemented poorly. Our techs at Connected Platforms implement everything so simply and effectively that even your grandpa could use it!

IT solutions specific to your needs

Tailored Packages

Every business we work with receives a customised IT package that’s 100% unique to them and their specific requirements. Whatever size or type of industry you’re in, we can help you.

The only constant is change

We Never Stop Researching

The team at Connected Platforms are here to ensure that new technology and dangers are known about and solved before they become a problem for you. The technology landscape never stops changing, and we never stop learning.

Keeping you informed

Transparent IT Services

Receive comprehensive reports whenever we conduct a regular audit of your technology systems, so you can always stay up to date on the status of your IT infrastructure.

Looking to Decrease Your IT costs?

By effectively utilising a managed IT services plan, you can decrease your downtime and cost of IT management over using an IT consultant.

Get Your Free Managed Services Consultation Form Connected Platforms

Don’t waste your money and leave your business productivity at risk by only calling a consultant when you have an IT failure. Reduce downtime and costs long term by investing in managed IT services with Connected Platforms.


Contact us to get your free managed services consultation. During your consultation you’ll receive an ROI report outlining the benefits of managed services, an actionable efficiency outline which includes security steps that can be made to improve your business, and a security risk assessment.


Want to find out more? Call us on 07 3062 6931 or send us an email at

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