Managed IT Services

Connected Platforms offers complete Managed IT Services that will keep your systems operating reliably while maintaining your network in peak form.

We specialise in helping small businesses manage all their IT services at reasonable and affordable flat rates. This lets you focus your energy and efforts on growing your business. Connected Platforms can provide you with managed IT services, so you have the peace-of-mind you need to take your business to the next level.

Why Choose Connected Platforms?

You will receive these incredible benefits by signing up for our managed IT services in Brisbane:

Custom-made Packages

We understand that every business is different, even between those that are in the same industry. At Connected Platforms, you’ll receive a customised package that’s tailored to your business. This will ensure you get solutions that meet your needs and requirements, no matter your business size and budget.


Increased Productivity

Our managed IT services feature 24/7 computer and network monitoring, so you can work smoothly no matter the time or date. By always keeping an eye on your system, we can help you address issues as soon as possible and prevent problems from happening.


Fixed Costs

We charge a flat-rate fee for complete, 24/7 coverage of all your IT needs. We don’t charge extra if your server or network suddenly fails. With Connected Platforms, you’ll always get a fixed and predictable cost for your managed IT services, no matter what system issues you face along the way.


24/7 Availability

We are here for you in Brisbane day or night, on weekends and holidays to ensure your IT services always run smoothly. We understand that network issues can strike at any time – and often when you least expect it – so we’re always here ready to help.

Our Managed IT Services


We can help you design and build the perfect server network for your business, creating a system that supports your business while providing the resources for growing and expanding your operations.

  • Server setup
  • Server monitoring
  • Maintenance and back-up
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Get the seamless Internet connection your business needs with our Internet monitoring services. We’ll make sure that your connection is as good as it can be for both your wired and wireless Internet. Our team can also help you set up and optimise your firewall so that your network is secure and capable of handling your online activities.

  • Internet monitoring and optimisation
  • Firewall maintenance and protection
  • Creating and securing VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)
  • Managing wireless access points

Cloud Solutions

Whether you want full migration to the cloud or partial hosting, we offer comprehensive cloud solutions that will give you more flexibility and remote access to your network.

  • Smart cloud solutions
  • Tailored to your business operations and services
  • Hybrid and private cloud options available
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Remote IT Services

When your network goes down after work hours, or if your team simply can’t fix whatever network issues you’re facing, we can help you fix it remotely from our location. Our remote IT services let us access your network off-site, so you can get the network repairs you need when you need it – even when we’re not there.

  • 24/7 availability
  • Includes desktop and server support
  • Mobile, on-call IT specialist

Disaster Recovery

An IT disaster can disrupt your business and wreak havoc on your workflow and productivity, so timely disaster recovery should be a critical feature in your contingency. Our team can design a disaster recovery plan and implement measures to ensure minimal impact on your operations and services if an IT disaster occurs.

  • System redesign and restructuring
  • System restoration and maintenance
  • Automated failover features for hardware and software failures
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Ensure smooth operations for your team by creating a more seamless and integrated network of workstations. We’ll help you set up, modify, and monitor your workstations so that it matches how your business runs and operates.

  • Optimising on-site workstations and service areas
  • Back-ups for critical systems
  • Software maintenance and updates

Security and Antivirus

Protect your network and keep your information safe with the right security measures. We can help you set up the network security your business needs, providing the right level of internal and external access to prevent network leaks or breaches.

  • Modified network security – Firewall, access points, and system settings
  • Viral and malware protection
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Managed IT Services Designed for Your Business

No matter what level of managed IT services you need, we’ll make you feel confident that your IT needs are properly managed and well taken care of. We’ll look after every aspect of your IT infrastructure so that you can direct all your efforts on running your company and growing your business.

We invite you to contact us today if you have any questions or want to discuss how we can help. We offer managed IT services Brisbane wide, helping small and medium-sized businesses get the right IT infrastructure for their needs.

With Connected Platforms, your IT needs will always be in good hands.

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