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Business IT Solutions Brisbane

At Connected Platforms, our mission is to connect our clients with better IT solutions.

We understand it can be confusing (and sometimes overwhelming) when it comes to understanding your IT needs. As a full-serviced small business IT support company, we make it a priority to put you and your businesses requirements at the very forefront – when you need us the most (and any other time), we’re there for you.

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We’re trusted in the industry

Our collective experience in small business IT solutions has allowed us to offer well-informed recommendations that are customised to our Connectees hardware and software needs. Connected Platforms are a trusted name in the IT solutions industry, thanks to our longstanding reputation with helping businesses across the Brisbane region to enhance their IT and productivity.

IT Solutions for Small Business

Managed IT Services

The IT requirements of a small business are typically more than the existing resources available to them. Therefore, outsourcing IT services can save any small business a lot of money. Connected Platforms have a business model with economies of scale so that a small businesses can use an entire team of professionals from our IT services company for cheaper than usual rates.

Cloud Business Solutions

Get your business up and running on a cloud based solution in no time, with a tailored private cloud server, a tailored suite of software that works to improve business processes, and solutions that boost productivity and collaboration between yourself and your entire team.

Remote IT Support

As a leading IT services company, we offer customised IT solutions for small businesses that are tailored to fit the specific needs and budget of the business. Our extensive experience allows us to fully understand the unique requirements of a small business and recommend a solution that will be of benefit to your business. Let us show you how our IT solutions can help your small business thrive.

Managed WiFi Solutions

No one likes to think about their business shutting down, but what would happen if your computer equipment was damaged or stolen? An IT infrastructure services continuity plan ensures that your company can keep going even in the face of disaster. Connected Platforms will help you make a through safety plan so you can have peace of mind knowing that your business is protected – allowing you to continue operations even in the face of an unexpected and impactful problem.

IT Disaster Recovery

Many things can constitute an IT disaster, such as a natural disaster or server failure that leads to data loss. If this sort of crisis strikes your small business, it could be absolutely devastating – but there’s no need to stress thanks to Connected Platforms. To avoid being caught unprepared, let us help you implement a system that will protect your IT resources in the event of a disaster.

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Small Business IT Solutions for a Range of Industries

Complete peace of mind is what you will experience when you work alongside Connected Platforms and our business continuity management – you’re more than just a client to us, you’re a Connectee, and we care about your business. The last thing we want, is for your systems and software to shut down, and leave your team out of work. When you work with us, we work together to develop and run your business continuity plan at an efficient rate, this includes:


Keep your confidential information safe and secure with our small business IT solutions, ensuring your company utilises reliable technology at all times.


Your IT infrastructure is imperative, and Connected Platforms recognises this – keep in line with regulations at all times thanks to our constant monitoring and management.

Product Development

Inventory management, logistics, sales, and customer/client retention are all integrated seamlessly and efficiently thanks to our teams experience with product development.


IT infrastructure is the main source of operation for marketing agencies, and with Connected Platforms, you can continue to work with maximum confidence in our IT solutions for business efficiency.


For small and new businesses we provide business IT solutions that are tailored to assist as you scale, including processes and procedures, IT procurement, licensing and so much more.


Are you a not-for-profit organisation looking for IT solutions? We’ve been working with similar clients for many years, providing improvements to organisation operations.

Benefits of Working with Connected Platforms: Your Experts in Small Business IT Support

At Connected Platforms, we are committed to saving you more money while enhancing your businesses performance and productivity. We act as an extension of your team, allowing you to benefit from our IT solutions for small business services.

  • We make it our mission to get on top of a problem before it happens – identifying minor issues and working to remedy them as soon as possible to avoid an even bigger problem.
  • Providing you with the right tools for business continuity in the event of a significant interruption or disaster.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions about this service.

A managed service solution involves outsourcing a business’ IT infrastructure, support and security needs to a specialised managed IT services provider rather than a business having their own in-house team of IT specialists.

Connected Platforms is a full-service managed IT solutions provider offering a full suite of reporting capabilities and proprietary tools including Managed IT Services, Remote IT Support, IT Disaster Recovery, Cloud Business Solutions, Managed WiFI Solutions, Business Phone Systems and more.

When you use a managed IT solutions Brisbane team like Connected Platforms, your small to medium sized business gains access to IT professionals with decades of experience in ensuring that your business IT infrastructure and support needs are not only met but systems are in place to ensure that your infrastructure is proactive in the growing face of digital threats. We implement the best possible technology and practices to help your company or organisation run optimally now and into the future.

At Connected Platforms, our small business IT solutions are scalable to meet the growing needs of your organisation and in most cases can actually reduce your overall IT costs by not having to have your own dedicated IT support team, the costs involved with hiring consultants to upgrade and maintain your IT infrastructure and the costs associated with prolonged network downtime.

There are several reasons why a business may choose to work with a small business IT solutions provider including:

  • On-hand availability of a team of IT professionals.
  • Cost-effectiveness compared to an in-house team.
  • The ability to scale IT needs as the business grows.
  • Security compliance.
  • No hidden costs.
  • Professional and proactive advice.

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