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Connected Platforms is a full-service managed IT solutions company. We provide managed IT services and small business IT solutions to a wide variety of businesses and organizations across many different industries.

Our broad range of experience allows us to offer well-informed and customized recommendations regarding hardware and software. When you add our reporting capabilities and proprietary tools, we can implement the best possible technology and practices to help your company or organization run optimally now and for the future. We are a trusted name in the IT solutions industry, helping businesses across Brisbane with their IT support and productivity.

Want to know more about how Connected Platforms can support your business? Let’s have a coffee and chat about your business needs and we will be able to identify if the Connected Platforms services are right for you.

Small Business IT Solutions for a Range of Industries


Law firms are required to keep vast amounts of information completely confidential. They must have systems and processes in place, to not only protect all this data, but also to effectively manage and archive it. If lawyers working on a case are slowed down because of IT problems, this could jeopardise their case and impact the firm’s revenue and reputation. Law firms must have reliable technology they can count on, with a support team in place at all times. Connected Platforms’ services designed for law firms puts security and compliance first.


Financial and investment institutions, insurance companies, and real estate agencies are all obligated to follow very specific industry regulations. When it comes to IT infrastructure financial and investment businesses must comply with all regulations and be completely secure and confidential. Connected Platforms offers solutions for document management, data security including client data encryption, password protection, and mobility. Connected Platforms also has the capacity to provide potential audits to verify compliance.

Product Development

Manufacturing, engineering, and companies involved in product development must make every effort to gain a competitive advantage to beat back their rivals. Connected Platforms creates the type of workplace environment in which inventory management, logistics, sales, and customer/client retention are all integrated to operate at maximum efficiency. Our team can provide you with IT support for production, inventory, order entry and CRM systems.


Advertising, marketing, PR, graphic design, and communications companies all depend a great deal on their IT infrastructure to meet deadlines while working on and completing projects. We know that you generate revenue as a result of good communication and delivering your projects on time. Connected Platforms offer solutions for storing and sending large files, regular software updates and organizing your projects for optimum efficiency.


Connected Platforms provides a growing company with the IT services it needs to scale, including processes and procedures, IT procurement and licensing as well as asset management. Our services will put you in a position to expand your service offering and develop your business. With ‘skills augmentation’ rather than conventional ‘staff augmentation’ our engineers work to meet objectives and complete projects based on a specified statement of work and end result. We can provide the services you need without having to hire new staff or engage contractors.


We have been providing services and support for many years to non-profit organizations. Our engineers improve your organisation’s operations your non-profit runs smoothly, giving you the capacity to focus on raising awareness for your cause, putting your resources into their mission.

Benefits of working with Connected Platforms: Your business IT solutions experts

We are committed to decreasing your overall costs and enhancing the performance of your business. When you work with Connected Platforms you will benefit from a dedicated service provided by professionals who are experienced MSPs.

  • We focus on providing decreased costs by identifying potential problems and fixing them before they become an issue.
  • Giving you the tools you need to for business continuity in the event of a significant interruption or disasterv.

Speak to us today about our services and find out how Connected Platforms can help with business IT solutions. We can help your business to grow and perform with the backing of a reliable IT services provider.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a managed service solution?

A managed service solution involves outsourcing a business’ IT infrastructure, support and security needs to a specialised managed IT services provider rather than a business having their own in-house team of IT specialists.

What managed IT solutions does Connected Platforms provide?

Connected Platforms is a full-service managed IT solutions provider offering a full suite of reporting capabilities and proprietary tools including Managed IT Services, Remote IT Support, IT Disaster Recovery, Cloud Business Solutions, Managed WiFI Solutions, Business Phone Systems and more.

What are the benefits of using a small business IT solutions provider?

When you use a managed IT solutions Brisbane team like Connected Platforms, your small to medium sized business gains access to IT professionals with decades of experience in ensuring that your business IT infrastructure and support needs are not only met but systems are in place to ensure that your infrastructure is proactive in the growing face of digital threats. We implement the best possible technology and practices to help your company or organisation run optimally now and into the future.

Are managed IT solutions expensive?

At Connected Platforms, our small business IT solutions are scalable to meet the growing needs of your organisation and in most cases can actually reduce your overall IT costs by not having to have your own dedicated IT support team, the costs involved with hiring consultants to upgrade and maintain your IT infrastructure and the costs associated with prolonged network downtime.

Why do you need a managed IT solutions provider?

There are several reasons why a business may choose to work with a small business IT solutions provider including:

  • On-hand availability of a team of IT professionals.
  • Cost-effectiveness compared to an in-house team.
  • The ability to scale IT needs as the business grows.
  • Security compliance.
  • No hidden costs.
  • Professional and proactive advice.
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