Business continuity is a term that refers to how well your business can maintain its essential functions during, as well as after, a disaster has taken place. For anyone reading this whose business was in any way affected by the 2011 Brisbane floods (and who had to recover from technology loss or significant downtime) you will know exactly how vital business continuity is! But for anyone who has not yet experienced a disruptive situation – read on, because downtime can be hugely harmful to your business and it is absolutely vital that you understand how Connected Platforms and our business continuity management services can help you.

Potential disaster situations:

  • A break in where equipment is stolen
  • Flooding resulting in equipment damage
  • Fire
  • Accidents caused by internal or external concerns (things like accidental deletion of key files, virus impact, software crash)

Let’s talk about how we can help to keep your business going when disaster strikes.

Protect Your Equipment With Business Continuity Management from Connected Platforms

The fact is, all businesses in Brisbane are confronted by any number of threats, from minor power outages to unexpected natural disasters. These can easily disrupt your phone system and Internet connection, resulting in downtime. Every time this happens you have the potential to lose customers and revenue.

Our business continuity solutions have one goal and one goal only: to keep your business running. We do this by implementing the following:

Wireless Backup

Should your business lose phone service and Internet connection; our system automatically transfers phone calls and internet access including email messages to a wireless network. Our service is designed to be compatible with any type of phone and/or internet service.


Advanced Voice Solutions

When (and if) an unplanned event occurs; our system will seamlessly reroute and forward all phone calls to a different phone number. Keep those phones ringing, keep answering them, and your business can weather any storm.


Cloud Hosting and Data Backup

Keeps your critical data and applications safe and secure by avoiding the risk that on-site servers pose.


Data Networking

If there should be an outage, our system offers secure, redundant hardware and brilliantly designed network routing to provide automatic failover.


Connected Platforms is there to protect your business so that it can continue to run during an unexpected outage or disaster so that you can remain in contact with your colleagues and customers throughout the event, keeping you on the road to success.

Benefits of Working with Connected Platforms

The benefits of working with us include peace of mind right at the top of the list – after all, think about the impact that a week off work for your entire team would have on your bottom line. Or even a couple of days. Have you budgeted for that? Can you actually afford that kind of disruption?

When you work with us you get:

  • Operational Stability: Keeps to a minimum any effect that the disruption has on your company’s ability to run.
  • System Retrieval: Allows all critical IT systems to be recovered intact.
  • No Customer Disruptions: Enables you to continue providing products and services to clients and customers while maintaining their confidence in you in conducting business.
  • Limit Financial Exposure: Lower your company’s risk of sustaining a financial loss by enabling you to continue operating normally despite the outage.
  • Investor and Customer Confidence: Offers protection for your company image and brand.
  • Ensures Compliance: Enables you to continue meeting regulatory and legal requirements without disruption.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business operation is – we can scale our service to meet the needs of your team.

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