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Business managed IT services are a smarter alternative to the break/fix model of providing technology support. Under our leading managed IT model, we provide you and your business with reliable, ongoing, and smart IT services for a flat-rate fee.

This works to keep your technology performing at its peak, and ensures you have the right kind of support at all times. Here, at Connected Platforms, we are always on – meaning we are available for consistent support whether something has gone wrong or not.

We have found this to be an effective way of reducing stress when it comes to IT infrastructure, providing more time for our customers to focus on what they do best – growing their businesses. If it’s important for your business to have a reliable yet dynamic managed IT model, we’re here to make it happen.

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As a medium or large business, it may feel impossible to find a team of IT professionals you feel comfortable with. At Connected Platforms, we put our customers at the very forefront of what we do, ensuring confidence, comfort, and consideration. Let’s have a chat! Contact us today!


Benefits of Working With a Managed IT Services Provider

There are many benefits to employing a managed IT services model.

Tailored Support

As your partner in growing success, we aim to connect you with better IT and better results. Something we pride ourselves on is consistently taking into consideration the unique requirements of each client – tailor and adjusting our support/solutions to match a range of industries and operations seamlessly.

Fixed Rates

Transparency is key at Connected Platforms. We aim to eliminate the stress that comes with unpredictable charges based on sudden failures or problems. Your IT support and maintenance costs will always be consistent – meaning, you pay a fixed fee, and nothing else, no matter the type of issues you come across.

Increased Productivity

Our team take pride in being agile, pivoting towards new opportunities as they come. One of the main advantages of our managed services IT support is we are always monitoring your systems. Simply set, forget, and let us do the rest. This is the best way to free up time and continue growing your business.

24/7 Support

What makes us stand out is our dedication to providing constant support. This means we are here for you day and night, on weekends, and on holidays to ensure your IT infrastructure is always running the way it should be. We know how quick things can go wrong, which is why we aim to be here for you at any time.

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Leading Business Managed IT Services

As part of our service, we provide our clients with a level of support that is unmatched. When it comes to medium and large scale businesses, IT infrastructure is next level – and requires deeper attention to detail. At Connected Platforms, we never settle for easy fixes and, as a managed IT services provider, we endeavour to make sure our services measure up every time. We take care of:


Anything from server setup to server monitoring and regular maintenance, you won’t have to worry about something going wrong that can impact the productivity and efficiency of your team. We also take consistent back-ups, keeping your data safe and secure regularly.


The internet may seem like a simple connection to keep on top of – but there’s more that goes into it. We monitor and optimise your connection at all times, manage and protect your firewall, VPN setups and configuration, Wi-Fi services management, and hosted e-mail support.

Cloud Solutions

With Connected Platforms, you have the opportunity to secure practical and safe cloud solutions that fit your business like a glove. Whether you need the versatility that comes with hybrid cloud solutions or the security of a private cloud, we've got you covered to a T.

Remote IT Services

When you’re an IT provider, it’s important you offer around-the-clock support for your clients need – we do that here, and more, ensuring your desktops and servers run smoothly. Additionally, our mobile, on-call IT specialists are ready to assist when you need them.

Disaster Recovery

Count on us for hassle-free system maintenance and restoration services that can’t be found anywhere else. Our automated failover solutions ensure a quick response to both hardware and software failures, keeping your systems running at their peak efficiency.


At Connected Platforms, we've got your managed IT essentials covered with workstation performance optimisation, reliable and safe backups, and timely software updates to keep your systems in line with the most up-to-date processes, ensuring employee productivity.

Security & Antivirus

Keep your systems safe and secure with our optimised and comprehensive security services: virus protection, malware defence, and robust network security for your confidence. This keeps your digital environment secure without any need for added complexities.

No Matter What You Come To Us With, Connected Platforms Will Always Assist And Cater To Your Queries.

We take our managed services IT and support seriously – especially for the capacity of business we take care of. At Connected Platforms, we want to instil as much confidence and care into our customers as possible. Having systems and technology that run smoothly is imperative to the success of your business, and we want to be your partner on that journey. As a business owner, the last thing we want is for you to feel under pressure – especially when it comes to costs.

This is why we maintain complete transparency from the moment you engage our services. There are no hidden fees and no surprises. Just complete honesty and hard work. At Connected, we really try to create a close-knit, trusting, and personable atmosphere and hope to emit that same energy to our Connectees.

Let’s discuss how our model will fit with your business.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions about this service.

Managed IT is a term for a proactive, flat-rate service that keeps your business’s technology running smoothly and efficiently at all times – as opposed to the break/fix model, which only provides on-demand services when needed and bills you for each job completed. For big business, this is detrimental. Every Connectee that comes to us receives tailored support and maintenance according to their IT infrastructure. This is something we take pride in as a team of specialists.

In contrast to the break/fix model, which is only responsive after something has already gone wrong, managed IT is a proactive solution that prevents problems before they happen – this is something crucial for businesses of a larger scale. With constant support and complete transparency on your side, you will be able to boost employee productivity and feel safer in the knowledge that your systems are on track, being maintained, and taken care of to their fullest potential while you work on building your business each day.

At Connected Platforms, we provide everything you need for managed IT services, including support for servers, high-quality internet and cloud solutions, remote IT services, disaster recovery workstations security and antivirus protection. We don’t want these services to be overwhelming, and we get they can be. But with us, it’s simple and it’s safe.

Our services are one of the best ways to free up time and divert your energy to other areas of your business. Whether your company is struggling to meet its growing technological needs, or you’re wanting to put your attention elsewhere, don’t stress. Connected Platforms are always maintaining our customers’ technology and systems to ensure any potential issues are remedied before they happen.

The big question. Put simply, YES! Using managed services is proven to save businesses of all sizes money in the long run (and even short-term). Here’s why: oftentimes, MSPs offer a higher level of IT support for less than it would cost to maintain your systems and services in house. For medium and large scale businesses, strict budgeting and cost management is imperative. Let us reduce some of the stress that comes with business by making this transition as smooth as possible.

Are you interested in our Managed IT Services?

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