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IT Disaster Recovery

With the ever increasing push to move towards a majority digital world, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to shift to digital based working solutions.

Not only does this allow for worker efficiency and productivity to increase, but it provides opportunities for business operations to run at a higher and faster capacity than they would otherwise know. Along with being a digitally enabled company comes IT disaster recovery, ensuring that your business and your team are always kept safe in the instance of a system or software failure (which is completely normal when it comes to technology).

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IT Disaster Recovery Solutions

A digital technology crisis can range from small inconveniences to major problems that completely cripple your businesses operations. Consider what would happen if your town completely flooded within a short period of time, submerging businesses that are predominantly technology based – or a lightning storm that fries your systems and software and shuts everything down. The most important thing here is ensuring you have a recovery plan in place so that your business can continue to run in the case of a serious or even minor crisis.

Why IT Disaster Recovery Strategies are Important

At Connected Platforms, you’re more than just a client to our team – you’re a Connectee, and we work to ensure your business operations are working efficiently at all times. Something go wrong? Give us a call! We are always available to get you back up and running, remedying a problem as quickly as possible with tried and tested (and trusted) IT disaster recovery strategies.

Our planning could bring you back from detrimental issues

Provides the opportunity to face technology issues head-on

A team of experts that know exactly how to better prepare for technological contingencies

Professionals who are always available to assist you

Tried and tested strategies that assist in keeping your business up and running in the case of a system failure


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The Benefits of IT Disaster Recovery Solutions

High Availability

If your businesses hardware, software, or infrastructure fails, Connected Platforms' systems automatically take over so that your business can keep running while your less-prepared competitors cannot. Think of us as an extension to your team, providing the opportunity to set and forget, because we won’t.

Resilient Design

Our IT disaster recovery services are an insurance policy for your business, should any technologies you rely on fail and disrupt your operations. For example, if staying online is critical for your company, we can ensure that you have a backup internet connection available in case your main line goes down.

Disaster Recovery

At Connected Platforms, we pride ourselves in being able to quickly restore your business's information technology in the event of a disaster. We don’t just think of you as a client, we care about your business and want you to succeed – this is why we continue to find new and simplified ways to go about monitoring and management of your systems, to ensure you’re getting the best out of our services.

Business Continuity

As leaders in IT disaster recovery management, we provide guaranteed system availability and uninterrupted business operations, even in the event of a technology crisis. We utilise remotely accessed data centres with state-of-the art cloud solutions that are constantly being updated to maintain this promise.

How Our IT Disaster Recovery Services Help Your Business

When you use our IT disaster recovery solutions, we do everything in our power to protect your IT, systems, and software at full efficiency. Furthermore, we see ourselves as an extension of your team – meaning that you can always rely on us when you need us most.
Our philosophy is simple: You take care of the important aspects of your business while we handle the technical side to make sure everything runs smoothly 24/7! Forget about those hidden fees and one-off costs from an IT consultant because we guarantee full transparency.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions about this service.

IT disaster recovery refers to having a set of tools, procedures and policies in place to enable the recovery or restoration of vital technology services following either a natural or human-induced behaviour such as a natural disaster, a virus or malware infection, or cyber-attack within your business.

At Connected Platforms, we prepare your business to face any technology issues head-on through not only IT disaster recovery solutions that bring you back from a catastrophic IT failure, but also by implementing ongoing protection strategies and best practices that make your organisation more resilient.

While often confused with ‘business continuity’, IT disaster recovery specifically focuses on the restoration and recovery of technology systems that support critical business function, as opposed to ‘business continuity’ which primarily focuses on ensuring that all essential aspects of a business continue to function despite a potentially disruptive event.

An IT disaster recovery plan or ‘DR Plan’ for short, typically consists of the following: determining the extent or scope of the required recovery in the event of a disaster; identifying threats and vulnerabilities to critical assets; reviewing a business’ history of past incidents and current recovery strategies; identifying a response team; and finally plan testing, review and periodic updates to your DR Plan.

Instead of worrying about what the future might hold and trying to protect your system against threats, we believe in taking a multi-faceted approach and implementing comprehensive disaster recovery solutions in addition to protection. We provide a comprehensive IT disaster recovery solution that includes resilient design planning for contingencies, high availability to combat infrastructure failures, remote business continuity solutions and disaster recovery services for worst case scenarios.

Disaster recovery plans will vary from provider to provider depending on the level of contingency planning and business continuity solutions required. For most businesses, however, the cost of a data-breach or prolonged server downtime can often far outweigh the costs involved with implementing a disaster recovery plan. If you’d like to find out more about how a disaster recovery plan can help your business, get in touch with the Connected Platforms team today.

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