The vast majority of small companies manage their technology with the “break/fix” model, which means that when they have an IT failure, they call in a consultant to find and fix the problem. The company pays an agreed upon fee or hourly rate for this service. Using this method will inevitably result in continued lost productivity due to downtime. Continue reading to learn the benefits of managed IT services vs break fix model can bring to your business.

“The problem lies in the fact that the outside consultants have no motivation to keep their client’s systems and network in good running order – they are making more money by being constantly called in to repair the breakdowns when they occur.”

How Can Managed Services Save You Money?

When you operate your business without managed services it means that if something goes wrong, you either have to try and fix it yourself or call in a consultant who will charge whatever rate they command. But managed IT means that you always have someone looking out for your business. A team of people who are there to fix any IT issues whenever a problem arises. The true cost of the break/fix model includes:

  • Downtime when your systems are not operating
  • Paying a consultant to come out to your office and fix problems
  • Upgrading software where necessary
  • Security fixes

Small business owners would be wise to consider having managed services to solve these problems for a number of reasons.

  • IT experts would be motivated to keep the company’s systems up and running since repeated failures would cost them money.
  • Managed services offer cost-effective solutions to the kind of complex IT problems small businesses face – at a fixed monthly service fee.
  • Small businesses receive better service at a lower rate. The managed service model also benefits technology experts because they receive a fixed monthly service fee from multiple clients.
How Connected Platforms Can Help Your Business

By allowing outside IT consultants to manage their technology on an ongoing basis, small businesses can protect their network against security breaches by hackers while reaping the benefits of an expansive team of IT experts working on behalf of their company at a very affordable cost.

  • With state-of-the-art maintenance and remote monitoring of the network, tech problems can be resolved before a business disruption occurs, and hardware and network performance can be significantly improved, leading to a dramatic reduction in network downtime.
  • With the improved efficiency, a small business will see an increase in employee productivity as well as their ROI.

By utilising managed services, a small business owner can streamline their IT operations while enjoying the benefits of more reliable networks. Rather than worrying all the time about their technology, they can keep their focus where it should be, on building their business.

Let’s talk about how the managed IT model can save your business money.

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