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10 of the Best Features of Microsoft Edge that Make it a Productivity Powerhouse

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We are impressed by the new Edge browser – it’s so much more than just a browser. We’ve put together a list of the best features of Microsoft Edge – and we’ve highlighted some of the features that you may not have heard about.

What are the Best Features of Microsoft Edge?

Edge is a productivity tool you should definitely consider integrating into your workflow. This is the new Edge – it’s come a long way. Microsoft listened to users and put their suggestions to work. Now you can put Edge to work for you and your business.

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Microsoft Edge Best Features – the Quick List

1. Microsoft 365 Dashboard

Start by bringing it all together on Edge – Microsoft 365 feed, calendar, contacts, calls, to do lists, Quick Access and more. Microsoft found that context switching is one of the biggest challenges of the workday, and they designed Edge to be your multi-tool for multi-tasking, making it work the way you want, when you want. This is definitely one of the best features of Microsoft Edge.

2. Faster and Lighter

Edge runs faster than before and uses less computing power. Longer uptime on a battery keeps you going remotely and during presentations.

3. Tabs 2.0

Vertical tabs are new – this feature makes everything easier to find and fits it in a smaller space. You can organise your tabs into groups. Tabs can go to sleep when not being used, saving power and processor cycles. This has been one of the most popular features of Microsoft Edge.

4. PDF Central

Edge opens, edits, and saves PDF documents right in the browser. You can draw on a PDF with pen, mouse, or touch, and you can erase and redraw as much as you want. This is a big step forward for business PDF users, and one of the standout best features of Microsoft Edge.

5. Web Select Screen Capture and Markup

Advanced screen capture at your fingertips – helps you save tables and webpages without losing formatting. Capture the whole page, or use Web Select and drag the cursor to indicate which content you want to save. Then you can add notes and markup with touchscreen or pen.

6. Immersive Reader

You can switch to the Reader to see web text content in an uncluttered format, without the distraction of ads and popups. You can even have content read aloud to you.

7. Outlook in Edge

With the Edge Outlook extension, your mail, calendar, contacts, and lists come to you by clicking an icon. You can access Outlook and Hotmail content right inside the browser.

8. Shut Down Trackers

Edge protects you from web trackers – you set the level of tracking prevention. Edge lets you review blocked trackers and the number of times they were blocked.

9. Password Monitor

Edge keeps an archive of passwords that have been compromised on the web – if one of yours matches, Edge will notify you so you can change it on the affected site. Nearly invisible, but one of the most helpful features of Microsoft Edge.

10. Ready for Virtual

A Microsoft Edge Best Features list would not be complete without mentioning VDI. Right out of the box, Edge is ready for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure deployment. At this time, Azure Virtual Desktop and Citrix Virtual Apps are certified for Edge. This is an advanced use case, and development is ongoing. Ask your IT Service Management provider if VDI is right for you.

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