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Microsoft Teams vs Zoom: Which is Best Suited for Your Business?

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Microsoft Teams vs Zoom, which one is best for your organisation? Video conferencing has increased in popularity over the last year and will likely be a vital component in the business toolkit moving forward. The popularity of video calls does however, bring about concerns and questions; Which platform allows for the most meaningful interaction between your teams and will seamlessly merge into your existing operation? Which platform offers the best security? Previously, we wrote about 5 Ways That Microsoft is Making Teams The New Virtual All-in-One Office. This week the small business IT solutions team at Connected Platforms delve into a compare and contrast of Microsoft Teams vs Zoom to help your business make an informed choice.

Zoom vs Microsoft Teams Similarities

From a distant point of view both act as communication platform that offer audio and video conferencing. Each platform has a chat function as well. Additionally, the two services have a plethora of integration options.

A closer inspection however reveals some unique distinctions and understanding these divergences can make all the difference to your business.

Zoom vs Microsoft Teams Privacy and Security

There is no doubt that Zoom rose to popularity at the height of the pandemic with students, teachers and workplaces alike being attracted to the easy-to-use and setup software. It should be noted however, that Zoom has been in the spotlight for briefly sharing sensitive information to third parties and have undergone security breaches in the past, leading to the expression ‘Zoombombing’ being coined. Additionally, Zoom has been accused of having opaque privacy and encryption policies.

How does Microsoft stack up?

While Microsoft does study user data to better customer experiences, it does not however, share it with third parties. The security standards provided by Microsoft are well known and additionally, they offer transparent, readily available and detailed information about their security and compliance information.

While Zoom has stated that security protocols have been enhanced and information sharing policies have tightened, businesses should carefully consider their security needs when deciding if Zoom is right for their organisational needs.

Microsoft Teams vs Zoom Features

Microsoft claims to have over one billion users. Those invested in Microsoft 365 can easily use teams along with a host of other productivity and collaboration tools. Calls can be made using phone features from Skype. The video quality of teams is 1080p by default. The meeting duration, for up to 300 users utilising the free version, is sixty minutes and those paying for Microsoft 365 Business Basic, or better, have a duration of twenty-four hours. The variety of available options does, however, have a downside. Microsoft teams has been criticised for its user interface which can take some time to become accustomed to.

Zoom on the other hand is praised for its interface. It takes little training to get users up to speed and operating in Zoom. Zoom phone can used to make calls. The video quality is 720p by default but can quickly be changed manually. The free version of Zoom, however, limits meetings to 40 minutes and up to 100 people. Paid plans increase the allowable attendance limit and removes meeting time caps.

Which is right for your business?

Zoom vs Microsoft teams, what’s the best choice? While features are similar, our team gives Teams a slight advantage overall in accessibility stemming from the popularity of Microsoft’s products and as well as a comprehensive productivity tool. Zoom on the other hand offers a reliable and fast set up that is easy to use but has had some security issues in the past.

The Verdict

Microsoft teams is recommended for businesses looking for a comprehensive solution to their internal and external video conferencing needs while Zoom is a great tool for external use.

Interested to Learn More?

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