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Microsoft Edge Chromium vs Google Chrome

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Microsoft Internet Explorer was an incredibly inadequate browser, so the introduction of Microsoft Edge Chromium was an immediate improvement.

The initial reception was slow however, in 2020 a momentous switch to using Googles open-source Chromium engine as the base for Edge created new opportunities. Edge gradually began to catch on and is currently the third most widely used browser among desktop users. Comparisons between Microsoft Edge Chromium vs Google Chrome began as Edge started increasing its market share.


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Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome Comparison

Interface Design

How a user interacts with a browser is at the core of its design and in this regard, the Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome results in a tie. Edge has been revamped to look more modern via a less cluttered interface and rounder edges. Many of the important browser functions are similar including the location of the URL/search bar and symbols for add-ons as well as extensions. Both are built around the Chromium open-source browser utilising the Blink rendering engine which means matching the new Edge vs Chrome interface results in far more similarities than differences.


One significant area where they diverge is with which search engine and homepage they automatically use. Edge uses Microsoft’s Bing and Chrome use Google’s search engine but either can easily be changed at the user’s discretion.

Resource use

Browsers can crash if too much RAM is used so having an efficient browser will increase loading and response time while minimising disruptions. In this category of the Microsoft Edge Chromium vs Google Chrome comparison Edge is the clear leader. Chrome is infamous for using up RAM but Edge is more efficient and pared down.

Features and Options

In this area of our Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome evaluation, there are a few significant differences. Chrome is advantageous since it is integrated with Google Docs, Gmail, Google Translator, and Google Calendar. Edge has a read-aloud text reader that has a nice voice and provides more access to texts to those with limited vision. It also has Editor, a built-in writing assistant to help keep your writing accurate and correct.


Good extensions are important to making a browser efficient as well as productive; Edge and Chrome manage their extensions a bit differently. Chrome has the advantage here as it is easier to navigate the extension library with it rather than with Edge and all extensions are completely compatible. However, the Chrome Web Store can be used with both browsers and Edge is working on increasing the number of extensions it offers.

Security and Privacy

Edge uses Microsoft’s SmartScreen system to provide protection against malware or scams but suffers from infrequent updates. It also comes with many easily trackable privacy settings and decreases the chance of your information being shared across sites. Chrome updates every few days and continues to improve its code in order to eliminate vulnerabilities however it currently only blocks third party cookies.

History of Microsoft Edge

We have taken time to compare Microsoft Edge Chromium vs Google Chrome but what lead Microsoft to implement this current iteration of Edge? In short, in 2017 it was failing to live up to expectations and provided a mediocre experience which caused its reputation to suffer. Microsoft realised a change needed to occur and after prolonged talks, they decided to convert to the Chromium engine. They needed a browser that could be distributed easily and that was consistently compatible with websites, so they focused on their tasks and began building their relationship with Google in order to create what they needed.


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