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Mac vs PC in Business

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The debate over Mac vs PC in business settings has been happening for years and can make choosing feel like an overwhelming burden.

Everyone you consult will give you different reasons and thought-out answers to which operating system is better. Historically, Microsoft has maintained an edge in the business world however Macs are becoming increasingly popular as well as being adopted over a variety of industries. Both systems offer benefits to their users, and neither is distinctly superior to the other.


We will analyse the pros and cons of using Mac vs PC in business environments to aid you in making an informed choice. However, each business’ situation is unique and deserves the attention and professionalism Connected Platforms offers to maximise their IT capabilities. Connected Platforms provides comprehensive IT support Brisbane businesses rely on at a cost that will keep you within your budget.


Often when considering the advantages of Mac vs PC in business contexts, Apple is perceived to have a strong advantage in its ability to integrate across devices. Many Mac users operate a variety of devices and can smoothly integrate them and distribute data without interrupting their work. Screen Sharing, Handoff, and Airplay are fundamental to Mac devices and help increase productivity.


There are some drawbacks to using Macs, however. Not all applications and software will run on macOS which can lead to higher costs and complications. Certain Mac apps and software have fewer features and are not as powerful as their Windows counterparts. Additionally, software licensing may not be transferable between platforms. PCs have a larger number of configurations to choose from and are less expensive to service and repair.


Macs suffer from the perception of being overly expensive and while they are costly, they provide a high level of quality. Factoring in scant support calls, greater worker productiveness and satisfaction, and overall durability often leads to their total lifetime cost being lower than PCs.


The initial cost of a PC can be significantly lower while still offering the software and configurations important to you. This can be crucial if you are seeking to buy multiple devices or looking to cut costs. A variety of brands offer Windows products across a wide selection of merchandise and the price will be based on which brand you select.


Macs are created to be straightforward in their use and overall design. There is little to no searching for settings or system preferences, and they can be easily used after a bit of set-up.


While Macs are easy to use, PCs have an edge in software and programs providing business functionality as well as a long history of being the industry standard. The layout of a PC may be more familiar to employees making it comfortable and easy to use. PCs are also easier to customise, upgrade, and repair. Macs often require their products to be sent to a certified dealer for repairs and are limited in what can be upgraded.


Historically Macs have been less susceptible to cyberattacks than their PC counterparts though whether Macs need antivirus software is often debated. It is hard for cybercriminals to hack a Mac due to their streamlined design cycle being totally under Apple’s control and their use of Unix as the base for macOS. Security details and updates are frequent in addition to being easily implemented.


PCs have strong antivirus software available and provide frequent security updates as well. Computer safety is as only as secure as the person operating it which means even Macs are open to attack via human error. Malware, phishing emails, and other threats can be downloaded in the same manner as a PC.


Mac equipment generally has a longer lifespan than Windows merchandise but this is not always the case. Many factors go into determining how long your device will last and it is always good to check into the manufacturer as well as read reviews about a product.

Technological Advances

Windows has incorporated new creative features such as voice activation that can shut off, restart, or put your PC into rest mode. It also allows Android applications to be run on PCs, fully supports pen devices, and has complete touchscreen support.


Macs are recently releasing a new line of desktops and laptops using their M1 chip. Additionally, a new iPhone, Apple Watch, and Airpods are available for purchase with each having new features.


Interested in Learning More?

In the discussion of Mac vs PC in business surroundings, it is best to carefully consider all your needs and requirements while you prepare for the future. Often overlooked is the need for disaster preparedness and as business continuity management experts Connected Platforms can help you stay operating in a crisis.


To help you understand which solution is best suited to your business, request a FREE IT Health Check from Connected Platforms. Find out more about the information technology in your business by calling (07) 3062 6932 or get in touch online for an obligation free consultation to ensure that you are using all the best software and hardware tools available.

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