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Why managed services give your business an edge

Managed IT Services can be the key to your business success | graph showing business growth

Managed IT has been around for years – but it is still the case that business owners will seek to manage IT in-house instead of outsourcing. With the advent of cloud computing, it just makes sense that businesses would elect for the ease and confidence of managed IT services.

At Connected Platforms, we specialise in taking care of the managed IT services of business owners and aid in monitoring networks, providing backup and recovery, offering email hosting and support as well as data storage and CRM management.

If you are a business owner, then it makes sense to invest in the ease and freedom of managed IT services. Not only will this save you time, but you will also benefit from a range of other advantages.

Less employee downtime

There is nothing worse than spending lots of money on your IT services, only to have them go down at an inopportune time, leaving your employees with nothing to do. When your IT is managed in house, and things go down, it’s up to you to get everything up and running again as soon as you can.

With a managed IT service provider on your side, you will find that any outages are resolved promptly thanks to the fact that you have an entire team working hard to get your IT services back up and running pronto.

Easier business management

Imagine just not having to worry about a department within your business ever again. Imagine having an outsourced team of experts on your side who are there to manage any issues and take care of problems on your behalf. Well, that’s what having a managed IT service provider on your side is like.

With Connected Platforms on your side, you simplify your IT by allocating an external service provider to take care of things for you. This leads to less time spent thinking about how to manage your business IT which means more time to spend on other things.

Increased access to expertise

When you have an IT team in-house, you only have access to as many people’s knowledge as your team consists of. This is all well and good, but from time to time situations will arise which might stump your IT person and leave them wondering what to do.

This is where a managed IT service provider can help because you have access to an entire team of experts who are all on hand to help you. A managed IT service provider is a scalable service which gives you the flexibility to engage the necessary services when you want them – and nothing inessential when you do not need it. 

Streamlined budget

When you’re invested in IT services which you hold in-house or within your business in some way, you are vulnerable to any increased costs or changes in the way in which your IT is administered.

If you need virus software updates, if you need new software updates; you are the one to pay for the updates. But with a managed IT service, you simply pay a flat fee per month, and the updates and inclusions are managed within this fee.

Benefits to your business

While we have touched on some of the immediate benefits to working with a managed IT service provider, we want to cover some more of the wider benefits of outsourcing your IT services.

  • When you outsource your IT services, you are investing in a professional to take care of a critical part of your business’ operations.

  • What you get from this investment is reliability and a guarantee that you are always going to have IT that is up to date, functional and performing exactly as it should.

  • You’re never going to have to say to a client ‘sorry we couldn’t get it done because our networks/server/IT was down’

  • You will be able to predict exactly how much you need to spend on IT every year thanks to the fact that your IT services are costed out with no extra surprises

Ultimately, the benefits of investing in IT services are numerous — it is up to you and your business’ needs to know whether it’s time to invest. You can scale IT services depending on your needs as well, so you never have to worry about overcommitting to something you many not need.

Want to know more about any of our services? Call us at Connected Platforms today and get our fantastic service for your business. You can contact us on (07) 3062 6932 or contact us online to find out more.

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