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Why Backup and Recovery is Important for Every Business

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It’s 2019. A time when more information is being stored online than ever before. This means that there’s more to lose than ever before. If you don’t have a data backup and storage plan in place, then you really need to keep reading. No matter what kind of business you have, it’s probable that data is a critical part of running your business, and if you don’t have a solid data recovery plan in place, you risk losing vital information. If you’re thinking that you don’t need data recover systems, we will take this moment to remind you of a few critical things to maintaining your business continuity:

  1. Everyone makes mistakes
  2. Computers fail
  3. Nature can impact on your business

And while it’s nice to think that you can avoid the above, the harsh reality of things is that any of these factors can come into play at any time. Fires, floods, employee mistakes; at Connected Platforms we are in the business of protecting your business and ensuring that you are backed up and ready to go in the event of something happening to your data. Don’t fall foul of something that could be avoided.

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Why is Data Backup and Recovery vital?

As we explained above, it’s possible to lose your data in so many different ways. Whether you lose heaps of information or only lose a little bit – data loss can be significant. Some of the most common ways in which companies lose data is through human error, environmental issues, theft, equipment failure, and data breaches.

If you are saving all of your information on a computer and not backing up your information remotely in some way, and you spill a cup of coffee on your computer, that information is gone. It might cost you a significant amount of money to retrieve that information if you can even get it back at all.

We want to look at some of the most important reasons why your business needs data a backup and recovery plan.

Computers fail

There has been significant change taking place in the business world in the past five to ten years. In that time, many businesses have migrated to now be paperless, which means that important information is now being stored online. In many cases, businesses are using cloud storage but, in some cases, critical information is still being stored in a single location.

The issue with this is that all equipment is going to fail eventually and it’s best to be on the front foot with preparing for this. We’re not saying this to try and scare you into investing in data recovery services; it’s just the facts. We have this supreme faith in our computers, but the fact is that computers do fail – and it’s always when you least expect and need it to happen.

People are human

A data recovery and backup system is vital to ensure that your data is protected at all times. Your employees are only human, and a data recovery system ensures that even if someone saves over a vital document you’re not going to lose it forever.

And even if someone deletes a folder of client work you’re not going to worry because you have it backed up. Don’t rely on people – back things up and get the peace of mind that data recovery brings.

You will create more trust in your business

When a data breach happens, or a natural disaster happens, and you’re back up and running within half an hour it’s going to create trust with your customers. You will also have a competitive advantage over your competitors and will be able to demonstrate security if a data breach does take place.

It’s 2019 – data is more important than ever

In today’s day and age, it is more important than ever that you are looking after your data and your business’ reputation online. A key part of this is protecting your data. A comprehensive data recovery plan is simply part of doing business in today’s digital age.

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