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What is Microsoft SharePoint?

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These are common questions, “What is Microsoft SharePoint?” and “What can SharePoint do for my team?” when discussing the functions and uses of SharePoint. It often gets lumped into a vague catch-all category people think of as dropbox, but it is much more versatile than that. Business owners and organisations can improve their team’s collaboration, project management, and better their marketing. In today’s blog, the Connected Platforms IT team will enable you to better understand just exactly what is SharePoint and how it can benefit your organisation.

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Sharepoint is a multifaceted web-based platform that is capable of being used in a medley of business-related activities. It is highly configurable, lets your teams manage documents and data either face to face or remotely, creates websites, and helps unify tasks and obligations using a centralised software platform. All it takes is a web browser or access to the Microsoft SharePoint mobile app.

What is Microsoft SharePoint Used for?

Let us provide you with some details about the frequent uses of SharePoint.

Document Organisation

Your business or organisation can safely and easily store documents in a shared space, instead of a single location, which is accessible to anyone barring Administrator approval. Administrators can simply create levels of user accessibility based on the documents being shared as well as setting up email alerts to notify team members of changes to documents.

Strengthening Collaboration

If the question is “What can SharePoint do for my team?”, the answer is that it will help your employees interact and work together better. Using SharePoint, team members can securely log in from anywhere using any device and have access to the shared information. Used in tandem with Office 365 it helps make a virtual work area that is as effective as any office meeting space. Team leaders and members can assign and manage tasks, monitor what is being finished, and help each other coordinate on task specific affairs. Teams have access to a shared calendar, chat, and notebook as well.

Company Intranet

Making a company intranet is simple to create and easily customisable.  It allows your employees to find information such as announcements, current information, and task flow. Access is set by administrators who can ensure the correct members have access to the information they need. 

Internal and External Websites

Building and managing websites are straightforward and the Content Management System gives you the ability to update your page, make new pages as well as other modern web design options.


We’ve mentioned many of the technical benefits of SharePoint, but it also includes social networking tools that allow your team to plan workshops, make wikis, and access other productive utilities.

Customer Relationship Management

SharePoint synchronizes easily with a diverse number of CRMs, especially Microsoft Dynamics, making information specific to your business easy to access and use. Communication between your clients and your team members is accomplished effortless and succinctly when using SharePoint.

Automates tasks

SharePoint Workflows increase efficiency and uniformity to commonly used work tasks and help smooth out the approval process. It is easier than ever to add signatures and approvals, follow the status of documents, and receive notifications.

What is SharePoint good for?

Our last point above, automating tasks, is one of, if not THE, prime strength of SharePoint because taking away the potential headache of the approval process is a time and resource saving benefit. Additionally, the ability to work smoothly and effortlessly away from a brick-and-mortar office is becoming a reality businesses and organisations need to address.

Is SharePoint difficult to use?

Many employees use SharePoint without realising it and while some report difficulty using it Microsoft’s consistent updates, and structured implementation, make using SharePoint a positive experience.

Looking for more answers?

We hope you’ve found this blog specifically covering what is Microsoft SharePoint useful and informative. If you have more questions, then our business IT solutions team are ready and able to provide you with answers. We are happy to answer your calls on 07 3062 6932or ask for a FREE IT Health Check.

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