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How to protect your business from internal security threats

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Updated: Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Your business is something that you need to keep safe from external threats. Whether you are at risk of a hack or have disaster recovery issues to be concerned about, your business needs to be secure so that you can rest easy knowing your income and financial future is safe. But what about internal security threats? Continue reading to find out.

Did you know about the threat that internal employees can pose to your business? An internal security threat can open your business up to a breach, but it is possible to place some systems in place to protect your business. We wanted to share some of our top tips for protecting your business against internal security threats.

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Put the right systems in place

There are plenty of systems and tools you can put in place to protect your business from an internal threat. The tools that you can put in place range in complexity and sophistication. All are important, and all are useful to you as a business owner.

  • Consider placing a password protected WIFI system in place which is not accessible by employees and visitors. This WIFI network should be used strictly for storing and porting sensitive data and information. If you do offer WIFI then consider having an alternative network which is purely for your team to use.
  • Implement antivirus security measures; while many internal threats are deliberate, others are accidental and happen when employees mistakenly download something that is harmful to your organisation.
  • Engage a managed IT services provider to assist you with your security measures. We know and understand the most appropriate tools for your business to use and can advise you on what you need (and what you don’t) to protect your business.

The systems and tools you use to protect your data and information will depend on how sensitive your data is and whether you have legislative requirements to comply with in terms of security. We can assist you in implementing a security system that works for your entire organisation.

Encourage a culture of safety through training

While the threats from employees can be internal, the fact is that as we pointed out above, many of the cybersecurity issues come about when people are negligent or just plain unaware of the issues that they are causing. It is therefore imperative that you foster a culture of safety and being cautious among your employees. A key way to do this is to train your team in how to be secure online and within the business.

  • Provide ongoing training and make security part of your employees’ onboarding process so that they know what’s expected in your organisation.
  • Host education sessions and make it clear that the onus for security rests with everyone.

Be on the front foot when it comes to making safety part of your organisation. This way you will be able to recover far more rapidly when something does happen.

Back up your data and information

While it’s great to be proactive with your security, it’s also good to have a backup plan in place in case something does happen. We recommend having a full disaster recovery system in place which allows for you to recover from any kind of breach – whether it’s a breach caused by an employee mistakenly deleting a folder or if there was a malicious attack from an employee.

  • Have regular backup times and systems in place to ensure that you secure your information and data often enough to protect your business.
  • Many businesses collapse after experiencing data loss; don’t be one of them.

Schedule an automatic backup for your data and information. Save yourself the hassle.

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When you make security a priority and put the necessary systems in place to protect your business, you will find that you breathe easier when thinking about potential breaches. Work with us today to find out more about how we can protect your business from the threat of internal security breaches.

Turn to us at Connected Platforms. We can give you the service you need for peace of mind. Call us at (07) 3062 6932 or contact us online.

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