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Four signs you have been hacked

Hacker working on a computer

Updated: Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Ever wondered if you’ve been hacked? It’s a scary thought. Hackers are clever, and quick, and sneaky – and they’re there to steal your data or your money. Sometimes hackers will leave a trail of destruction, but more often than not you won’t even know they were there. We wanted to go through four key signs that you have been hacked in the hopes that it helps you to get more data conscious.

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1. Your devices are slower

This is a common side effect of a hacked device. You might suddenly (or gradually) notice that your device is starting to slow down, or even freeze. If you start to see that your computer is glitching out or freezing up, then you might be infected with a virus.

The reason for this is because when you have malicious software unknowingly installed on your computer, you can find that it runs silently in the background, eating up your resources. You can get around this with data security and with antivirus software – and at Connected Platforms we can help you to install and maintain the systems you need to stay safe.

2. You are using a lot of data

When your data use starts spiralling out of control it might be a sign that something is up. Take note of your internet usage through your internet service provider. If you notice a spike around a certain time in your data activity – even though you haven’t changed anything about how you operate – then chances are you may be infected with a virus or some kind of malware.

This is sometimes because an infected computer or device will click on links in the background of your usage to generate traffic for the perpetrator.

3. Webpages take a long time to load

If your device is spending a long time ‘thinking’ or if your usual pages are suddenly taking a whole lot longer to load, this might be a sign that you are infected with something. It’s not a definitive sign – because after all, slow load time might be something that you’re dealing with due to internet use, or due to lots of people using your connection at once.

But if this is happening consistently and at all hours of the day and night, you might be suffering from WiFi theft or DNS hijacking. We can help secure your router and ensure that your business is safe from WiFi to backups.

4. Programs are crashing

This is a pretty straight up sign that your business has been infected with some kind of virus or malware. If your programs – especially your antivirus software or task manager – are crashing or disabled, then it’s a sign that your computer or device is likely infected with a malicious program.

The effect of this can be far reaching, or it might just be something minor; in the worst cases, you will find your files are being held for ransom, and you have to make a payment to get them unlocked.

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