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How Information Technology Improves Business Processes & 5 Emerging Technologies to Boost Your Business in 2020

how information technology improves business processes - featured image showing a businessman reading content on a tablet

The evolution of technology has been good for business. With the rise of cloud computing, small businesses found they had more tools for powering their workflows than ever before and at a lower cost than traditional non-cloud software. Continue reading to learn how information technology improves business processes as we move into 2020.

Virtual offices have also started to spring up, allowing businesses to get off the ground without having to pay for office space, yet still give their customers the same quality experience.

Companies that have embraced new technologies have been able to realise significant IT cost reduction while gaining more capabilities.

Digitally advanced small businesses earn 2x as much revenue per employee.

Beyond cloud computing, another technology that has completely transformed the way we work is mobile. The use of smartphones and tablets at work has allowed for more flexibility driving up productivity and worker satisfaction.

So, as we enter a whole new decade, what emerging technologies are going to be the next game changers for offices around the world? 

We’ve done our research to bring you some of the most promising tech to take advantage of in 2020 and beyond.

Watch for These Tech Trends to Transform Business IT

From communicating with your customers in original ways to removing the expertise barrier for advanced programming, 2020’s emerging technologies have a lot to offer companies of all shapes and sizes.

Studies show that small businesses that spend more on technology grow faster than those spending less. For example:

  • Small businesses increasing their IT spend are 68% more likely to be growing
  • Higher IT spending grew revenue 3.5 percentage points faster than lower IT spending

Following are some of the technology trends you’ll want to consider for your IT budget this year.

Facebook Messenger Bots

In sales, you have to go where your customers are and customers these days are on social media. Facebook is visited by 83% of Australians and it’s the most popular social media platform in the world.

Using Messenger bots on Facebook has been a growing trend in customer service and it’s also being used by companies for surveys and much more.

AI powered chatbots allow your company to be available to your customers 24/7 in their own virtual neighborhood and can do much more than just answer simple customer questions. They can also be used for appointment scheduling, collecting user information for new signups, and many other business tasks.

Apps that Remove Expertise Barriers

As applications can be programmed to do more on the backend with less expertise needed by the user, small businesses are going to have technology doors opened to them.

For example, there used to be a time that only those that knew how to write HTML code were able to design a website, but now even a novice can use a website making app and put one up pretty quickly.

This phenomenon of simplifying the complex to remove expertise barriers is called the “democratization of expertise” and it’s an emerging trend that you’ll see in things like custom business app creation and chatbot programming.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

From wholesale to retail, businesses will be connecting more devices to the internet beyond just computers and smartphones. 94% of businesses are expected to be using IoT by the end of 2021

Two technologies helping drive the adoption of IoT devices are 5G and Wi-Fi 6, both of which improve wireless connection speeds. Whether it’s sensors, intelligent lighting, or smart customer-facing kiosks, IoT is a major trend that will become the norm in business very soon.

5G Technology

The new mobile generation, 5G, was being discussed quite a bit in 2019, but it’s not really yet hit its stride. Expect it to launch in a much more meaningful way in 2020. 

This leap ahead in mobile connection technology promises:

  • Much faster data rates
  • Significantly lower latency
  • Increased network capacity

The technology is expected to have a big impact for things like autonomous vehicles and remote surgery. But it’s also going to make it easier for companies to employ remote devices that can be controlled by someone hundreds of miles away in industries such as mining and agriculture. 

Automated Voice Technology

Voice-activated speakers like Amazon Alexa are used widely in homes, but this same technology is beginning to make its way into businesses as well. 

Instead of asking Alexa what the weather is, imagine asking Alexa to compile last month’s sales reports for you put them into a visual graph, and email them to you in a PDF. We’re right on the cusp of this type of capability as voice technology expands through connection to AI and machine learning.

Do More and Spend Less on Your Technology

From flexible Smart Cloud business solutions to helping you plan for your office of the future, Connected Platforms offers expert guidance and cutting-edge technology for your modern office. We’ll help you gain capabilities while spending less on your tech. We hope you enjoyed learning Continue reading to learn how information technology improves business processes.

Contact us today for a free tech consultation or to find out more about our IT solutions and how they can help businesses like yours. Call 1300 866 096 or book a coffee meeting online.

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