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Over the last two months, businesses around the world have seen just how powerful using cloud services can be. From video conferencing with remote employees on a project to having access to all methods of customer communication from any device, those virtual connections have allowed companies to stay in operation during the pandemic. Another important part of a business operation is their IT infrastructure. Without it, none of the above would be possible. Did you know that much of your IT support, monitoring, and security can all be done remotely as well? Continue reading to learn more about IT support for remote workers.

Remote tech support offers multiple time and cost-saving benefits that can be especially important for remote teams. 

What Are the Benefits of Remote IT Support?

Companies face several costs when it comes to downtime of their technology. They can be obvious, such as a server going down, as well as less obvious, like employees struggling with a software or hardware issue throughout the day.

Employees waste approximately 22 minutes a day dealing with IT issues.

Anytime your technology infrastructure isn’t performing at it’s best, that directly impacts your business and bottom line. 

Here are ways that using remote IT support can save your company money and improve your team’s productivity.

Reduce Time Waiting for Help

If you have a software problem that keeps your team from properly answering customer calls and web inquiries, each moment you’re waiting on IT help can mean lost revenue.

One of the biggest benefits of getting tech support via a remote login is that a professional can be there in minutes, rather than hours.

This allows users to get the assistance they need quickly, so they can mitigate downtime and get on with their day.

Ensure Remote Workers Aren’t Struggling

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many Brisbane and Australian companies have sent employees home to work remotely. This means staff is often disconnected from the support systems they’re used to having at the office.

For example, instead of struggling for an hour with a software problem, an employee may turn to their tech savvy coworker for help. But when they’re working from home, they don’t always have that option.

Remote IT support can ensure that your remote employees have the support they need to stay productive and know that assistance is only a call or mouse click away.

Lower Your Costs

Many standard computer issues or monitoring safeguards can be handled remotely. By eliminating an in person visit, which includes travel to and from your location, you reduce your costs.

Remote tech support is an affordable way to get the IT security and support coverage you need for less.

“Contactless” Support

Several months ago, we wouldn’t have given a second thought to shaking someone’s hand. But post-pandemic, everyone on the planet is handling in-person connections a bit differently.

Using a support solution that is “contactless” reduces the risk of coronavirus or any other virus of being spread, giving both you and your employees peace of mind that you can get the IT help you need safely.

Multiple Tech Issues Can Be Handled Remotely

You may be surprised at how many technology issues can be handled via remote support. Our technicians at Connected Platforms can do just about everything, short of replacing parts or hands-on fixes, via a remote login.

When we login remotely via our secure connection, it’s just like we’re sitting at your keyboard.

Here are a few of the common IT issues and support activities we can provide remotely for computers and servers:

  • Malware/virus removal
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Security monitoring and management
  • Driver or firmware issues
  • Software problems
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Email set up or issues
  • Computer tune-ups
  • Microsoft Office help
  • Recovery of deleted files
  • Remote connection/sharing issues
  • Registry problems

Users Can Learn While We Help

If your employees are having a problem with a new software that they need help with, the remote login procedure makes training easy.

Employees can simply watch as we are logged in remotely and we can explain what we’re doing via phone or online chat. This helps them gain important knowledge, so the next time they run into that particular software roadblock, they’ll know what to do.

Have a Virtual IT Specialist On Call

You can reduce your overhead and eliminate the need to hire a full-time IT specialist by using remote support.

Due to the speed at which we can initiate a remote support session, it’s like having an IT pro on call and there to help whenever you need them.

Connected Platforms also customises support plans according to your needs, so you’ll never be paying for more support than you should.

Get Started with Effective Remote Support Today!

Using IT support for remote workers can provide a significant improvement for your team’s productivity while also reducing your costs.

Contact us today for a free remote support consultation or to find out more about IT support for remote workers or other IT solutions we can help you with. Call 1300 866 096 or book a coffee meeting online.