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Agreement Inclusion List

(1) Only applies to when using the Backup Platforms in our Recommended Technology Platform.

(2) This assumes that you already have the back-end systems and company-wide configurations all setup and configured for this product. If you don’t, then We will discuss with You the scope of any potential Project and send You a separate Proposal for your review.

(3) As you can appreciate, it’s hard to build a profitable and sustainable business offering “Unlimited Support” at a reasonable price for items that we didn’t recommend, sell and install.

As such, if the Hardware we are troubleshooting was not purchased from us and/or the device is not currently covered by the Manufacturer’s warranty, a care pack or a maintenance agreement, then it is in Our sole discretion as to whether We will cover this work under the Scope of this Agreement or set it as Billable Out of Scope work.




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